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How much your blood has taken by bed bugs? It’s really painful. And, very difficult to get remedy from bed bug. But, don’t worry. Shebanin connects you the professional bed bug controlling expert near your location. Just knock us, they will visit your premises as soon as possible. Have a sound sleep!

Bed bugs are commonly known as Charpoka in Bangladesh. They are tiny insects that feed on warm blood, preferably human blood. They pierce the skin of their prey and gorges on their blood. These creatures hunt for blood at night and hide in the daytime while their meals get digested. They are frequently compared to mythical creatures called vampires.

Bed bugs are hard to exterminate. They can survive a long time without feeding and are experts at hiding. They are so tenacious that sometimes even a high dose of chemicals cannot kill off their whole colony. A bedbug control service in Bangladesh can expertly get you rid of them.